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Millionaire Realtor System™

You will gain insight into our adaptive Millionaire Realtor System and Marketing Automation CRM software to run an advanced qualification and lead nurture sequence for your Real Estate Agents and identify key information that could be saving you money on every home buyer or home seller lead that you acquire. A-Z Client Acquisition System.

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Value-First Videos That Are Exclusive To You And NEVER Recycled To Other Realtors.

Using the Millionaire Real Estate Secrets, our team creates a Content Marketing Strategy that effectively automates the education process for your clients so they can go straight to the buying process.


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The Facebook Ad Campaign That Generated 226 Buyer Leads In The First 50 Days

226 Buyer Leads (People Interested In Buying A Home)

This campaign sold 6 homes by only generating an average of 4-5 leads per day. What if we did 10X?

$36 Per Qualified Lead

On average, 5% of these leads turn into conversations, which is actually really good using Facebook. When you’re paying $1.79/lead, this translates to about $36 per conversation.

Using Sales Automation to Generate Leads

We ran this campaign for a total of 50 days using an email autoresponder (PulseApp), a landing page (PulseMedia) and Facebook advertising.

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Workflows for busy people.

Unlimited Integrations. You can Follow-Up with an Automated SMS & Email Journey that can be scheduled during a window or triggered by events your custom sales process.


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Your Real Estate Group Works On Autopilot With Qualified Leads So You Can Focus On Closing More Deals.

We help deliver ready buyers using automating qualification in the only part the sales process you need to focus on: closing.

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How Are Realtors Using Better Data To Reach In-Market Home Shoppers On Facebook?

Realtors using automotive Facebook Advertising aren’t settling for reaching the few users who have Liked their Page. Instead, these realtors are using Consumer Data to reach anyone near their listings based on purchase intent and behavioral data.

Never waste another marketing dollar on mass advertising and only show your ads to those who will be interested in the content

Use Search Data and Microtargeting data to conquest new customers, build loyalty, and drive service

Connect with your audience based on unique characteristics like language, religion and social interests

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Fully Customized Lead Opt-In Landing Page For Realtors.

Create the most lucrative landing pages, personalized just for you. Collect lead information, schedule house viewings and qualify leads automatically.

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The All-In-One CRM Software for Marketing, Sales & Support

Attract, Engage, Nurture, and Build Trust With Leads. The first ever platform built to manage lead generation, automate follow up, two-way texting, sales dashboard and pipelines, online booking, scheduling, and more.


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Your Sales Team Focuses on Closing While The Manual 'Back & Forth' of The Customer Journey Is Automated Using SMS

We help sales teams automate the menial tasks to save money and create time while improving the buyer's journey.

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Facebook Lead Ads

Lead Ads enable your customers to submit their information without leaving Facebook. By pre-filling form fields based off public Facebook info and avoiding site redirection, your audience will enjoy a seamless and simple lead form experience.


Request a price quote

Schedule a home viewing

Redeem a special offer

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Look ‘under-the-hood’ and spy on your top competitors with the 'Pulse Lead Generation' System

Uncovering their most lucrative traffic sources, landing pages, ads and even referral traffic! We’ll then outline a roadmap of what it will take to expose their weaknesses and leave them screaming for mercy!

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