Medical Spas Near You Are Booking 100's Of More Patients Every Single Month Because Of This System

You Will Be Getting A Fully Customized Breakdown Of Our Proprietary System For Growth

We’ll use our predictive heat-mapping software and machine learning to run an advanced analysis of your website and identify conversion gaps that could be costing you money.

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Medical Spa's Sales Skyrocket by 199% in 4 Months After Using This Exact System.

How We Achieved a 300% Return (3x) on Instagram Marketing, taking the client's $1500 monthly budget and attributing $5000 in Sales to Instagram in only 30 days...
The #1 Must-See Email That Generated $3,000 In Only 24 hours (the clinic's phone wouldn't stop ringing so they limited the number of offers claimed!)
The 10 Shocking Keywords We Use to Rank on the First Page of Google and Convert Leads Into Customers As A Google Premier Partner
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Pre-Qualified Patient Leads That Are Exclusive To You And NEVER Given To Other Medical Spas.

Collect leads within a 15 miles radius surrounding your business protecting your target market. Generate 100's of leads every month for your top services like: botox, fillers, coolsculpting, microneedling, etc.

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The Facebook Ad Campaign That Generated $25,000 In New Client Revenue...

17x ROAS - Return On Ad Spend

You are paying $22.96 to get $401 in revenue (short term only...its likely higher over the time period of a year or more that the client is with you).

$1,500 in Ad Spend

Average Cost to acquire a new client lead: $6.43

28% Conversion Rate

Average Cost to acquire a new paying client: $22.96

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How We Achieved a 300% Return (3x) on Instagram Marketing, Taking the Client's $1500 Monthly Budget And Attributing $5000 In Sales To Instagram Marketing In Only 30 Days...

Use Instagram Marketing to build an online presence and generate direct bookings online with a high-value offer. The Results? This client received a Follower Growth Rate of 199%, 250,000 Impressions in 90 Days and an Average Daily Reach of 1,103 People.


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Your Medical Spa Works On Autopilot With Qualified Patient Leads So You Can Focus On Your Treatments.

We help deliver ready buyers using automating qualification in the only part the sales process you need to focus on: closing.

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The Long-Form Email Campaign That Generated 30 New Bookings In 72 Hours

The Email Marketing Formula we use produces real business results. We achieved 2x Industry Average Results, with an average of 33.2% Open Rate & 5.08% Click-Through-Rate (CTR).


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Use What Your Clients Are Searching on Google to Create a Value-Based Content Marketing Strategy.

Find out what questions and queries your consumers have by getting a free report of what they're searching for in Google.
Let me introduce you to a cool search query data visualisation tool we use internally. It fetches and maps keyword suggestions/predictions that you see when you perform a Google search. 
We will grow an increasing social audience and follower base through: content strategy, scheduling, community management, giveaways and engaging with your target audience.
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The 'Millionaire Medical Spa' Secrets That Clinics Use To Create A Predictable Revenue Growth Strategy With Online Booking

Online Booking is an essential self-scheduling system for clinics. It allows you to save time, automate follow-up while reducing calls and emails. You can book more appointments, retain more clients and increase your revenue up to 25% annually.


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How Online Bookings Doubled in 30 Days And Generated An Additional 150 Appointments...

150 Online Bookings in 30 Days

Case Study: Client Skyrockets Sales In 30 Days By Doubling Online Booking In Only 30 Days (From 75 to 150 Bookings)

“How Our Client Achieved a 3x ROI On Our Instagram Marketing Service... with Sales Directly Attributed.”

Using this simple yet effective content marketing strategy

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The Google Ads Strategy That Generates 300% Cheaper Cost Per Click (CPC) And 35% Better Click-Through-Rate (CTR) Than The Industry Average

Collect leads within a 15 miles radius surrounding your business protecting your target market. Generate 100's of Leads Every Month Starting at $150/lead. Minimum 6 month term.


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The All-In-One CRM Software for Marketing, Sales & Support

Attract, Engage, Nurture, and Build Trust With Leads. The first ever platform built to manage lead generation, automate follow up, two-way texting, sales dashboard and pipelines, online booking, scheduling, and more.


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WARNING: Before you claim your free strategy session you must understand that this is NOT for everybody, this is only for people serious about setting up their business for long term success and are willing to invest in growing their business.

We’ll do the brunt of the work, but to truly get your sales figures skyrocketing we need your commitment and dedication. If you’re not ready for that please don’t waste our time.

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