"3 Steps Dealerships Use to Instantly Boost Sales & Flood Their Pipeline With HOT Leads ...without Doing ANY Extra Work!"

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Millionaire Dealership System™

We’ll use our predictive heat-mapping software and machine learning to run an advanced analysis of your website and identify conversion gaps that could be costing you money.

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Car Loan Applications Completed In Minutes

Pre-Qualified Leads include Car Loan Applications. Complete with all basic contact information. Including Vehicle Interest, Monthly Income, Housing Info, Birthday, Car History, Drivers License, etc.

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Pre-Qualified Leads That Are Exclusive To You And NEVER Given To Other Dealerships.

Collect leads within a 15 miles radius surrounding your business protecting your target market. Generate 100's of Leads Every Month Starting at $150/lead. Minimum 6 month term.


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The Facebook Ad Campaign That Generated 1,418 Leads  In 8 Months & Sold 198 Cars

24.75x ROAS - Return On Ad Spend

This campaign generated 98 Direct Calls, secured 413 Appointments and SOLD 198 Vehicles in Only 30 Days.

$8,000 Ad Spend

Average cost to acquire a new lead: $5.68

14% Conversion Rate

Average cost to acquire a new paying customer: $40.40

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Workflows for busy people.

Unlimited Integrations. You can Follow-Up with an Automated SMS & Email Journey that can be scheduled during a window or triggered by events your custom sales process.


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Your Dealership Works On Autopilot With Qualified Leads So You Can Focus On Closing More Deals.

We help deliver ready buyers using automating qualification in the only part the sales process you need to focus on: closing.

Automated Instant Text Message Follow-Up

The PulseApp automatically sends out a pre-determined text message within less than 60-seconds to the lead when they opt-in or receive approval of their car loan application.

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The All-In-One CRM Software for Marketing, Sales & Support

Attract, Engage, Nurture, and Build Trust With Leads. The first ever platform built to manage lead generation, automate follow up, two-way texting, sales dashboard and pipelines, online booking, scheduling, and more.


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Your Sales Team Focuses on Closing While The Manual 'Back & Forth' of The Customer Journey Is Automated Using SMS

We help sales teams automate the menial tasks to save money and create time while improving the buyer's journey.

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You will get a...

Look ‘under-the-hood’ and spy on your top competitors with the "Millionaire Dealership System"

Uncovering their most lucrative traffic sources, landing pages, ads and even referral traffic! We’ll then outline a roadmap of what it will take to expose their weaknesses and leave them screaming for mercy!

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How Are Dealers Using Better Data To Reach In-Market Auto Shoppers On Facebook?

Dealers using automotive Facebook Advertising aren’t settling for reaching the few users who have Liked their Page. Instead, these dealers are using POLK Data and Datalogix to reach anyone near their dealership based on purchase intent and behavioral data.

Never waste another marketing dollar on mass advertising and only show your ads to those who will be interested in the content

Use Model Line and Microtargeting data to conquest new customers, build loyalty, and drive service

Connect with your audience based on unique characteristics like language, religion and social interests

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Fully Customized Lead Opt-In Landing Page For Your Dealership.

Create the most lucrative landing pages, personalized just for you. Collect lead information, schedule test drives and qualify leads automatically.

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Generating Qualified Leads Using Facebook's Internal "Lead Ads"

Lead Ads enable your customers to submit their information without leaving Facebook. By pre-filling form fields based off public Facebook info and avoiding site redirection, your audience will enjoy a seamless and simple lead form experience.


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We’ll do the brunt of the work, but to truly get your sales figures skyrocketing we need your commitment and dedication. If you’re not ready for that please don’t waste our time.

But if you are ready to kick your business into overdrive and skyrocket your profits book your FREE strategy session call now.

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That’s why I’m exposing my bulletproof proprietary system to you.

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Harrison Gordon
Head of Growth
Pulse Media